Welcome Home, Chris!

It's always great to work with first-time homebuyers, and I loved helping Chris land his first place in Gresham Park - a compeltely remodeled 3/2 ranch with tons of modern touches and a fantastic front yard. Even better? He's only 10 minutes from me in East Atlanta Village! Welcome home, Chris. 

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Preparing Your Home for Winter Weather in Atlanta

Sure, Atlanta had its moment in the news a few years ago when everyone got stuck on the road when we got 2-3" of unexpected snow, but you know what? People here simply don't experience winter storms like many other parts of the county so of course we were unprepared! 

As a homeowner, you probably aren't sure which measures to take when temperatures fall below freezing or we expect ice or snow. Follow these easy tips to prevent damage to your house in case winter weather hits. 

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Welcome Home, Carrie!

I had the pleasure of helping Carrie buy her first home in the affordable and conveniently located neighborhood of Belvedere Gardens this week! She was looking to upgrade from an apartment in the midtown area, and didn't want to have to sacrifice a commute in order to get into a house. Having a yard for the dog was important, and of course - great neighbors and access to good restaurants and services was critical. 

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A|K DeckClients, Belvedere Park
My Top 5 Things About Living in East Atlanta

Three years ago, I bought my first house in East Atlanta. To be entirely honest, I wasn't sure if I wanted to live in the neighborhood because I had lived in Grant Park for four years and I was pretty reluctant to move. But once I figured that East Atlanta is just a 10 minute bike ride and 5 minute drive away, is SUPER walkable, and after I toured my 1930's bungalow, nestled in among the other bungalows and Victorians on my street, I knew it was the perfect match. These days, I couldn't be more in love with all that East Atlanta has to offer.

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My Top 5 Things About Living in Grant Park

For four years, I lived in a house at the geographical intersection of the Grant Park, Peoplestown and Summerhill neighborhoods. It was a few blocks' bike ride to Turner Field, about a 20 minute walk to Oakland Cemetery and a quick jog to the Grant Park pool in the summertime. These days, you could also say its a stone's throw away from the Beltline and Eventide Brewing. I live in East Atlanta now, but here are some of my favorite things about living over in the 30315 / 30312 ZIP code..

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My Journey to Homeownership

I'm writing this from the comfort of my sunroom, which has quickly become my favorite room in my house. I was reflecting on the things that made me want to invest my future in real estate and build a career by helping clients to buy and sell, and it's essentially to help other people have the feeling I'm having as I type this out. I love being able to kick my feet up in my own house and not worry about renewing a lease or questioning whether I'm allowed to paint the walls or not.

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