Welcome to Midtown, Dane!

Sometimes you do a deal that makes you seriously consider...

...selling your house and buying a condo in Midtown because the location is just THAT awesome

I recently had the pleasure of helping a former colleague buy his first condo in Midtown. Everybody makes the joke that you can't get by in Atlanta without a car, but that's exactly what Dane had in mind as he searched for a property of his own. We worked together for a few months and viewed condos all around town that had good space, the right layout, and proximity to MARTA. The market was already pretty competitive in early 2017 but as supply dwindled, we'd often go see a unit that was listed that morning and the agent would text me en route to the showing to say they'd already received multiple offers or that it was already under contract. It was frustrating for everyone, but we kept on it! 

By stalking the listings and dropping everything to see compelling properties as soon as they were listed, we were able to be one of the first viewings for a fantastic loft that came available in midtown and we beat out multiple offers to get it under contract. The closing was fairly seamless and the most notable thing about the inspection and follow-up was that I got to stand on the roof of a 9-story condo complex and help the HVAC technician search for the condenser while a thunderstorm started to roll in. Probably won't do that ever again. 

Living in the heart of midtown affords you lots of opportunities to walk or ride your bike without even the thought of driving which - in the wake of the I-85 bridge collapse - was probably pretty awesome. You're minutes from Piedmont Park, sandwiched between two convenient MARTA stations, and surrounded by dining and entertainment options. Uber and Lyft swarm the neighborhood at all hours of the day and night which makes transportation a breeze for late-night bar crawls or rainy days. 

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