When you choose to hire a professional to market your home, you're able to spend your time focusing on your job and the rest of your life, and don't have to deal with things that I handle, such as:

  • Knowing how to appropriately price your home for a sale within your ideal time frame
  • Preparing your home for sale, knowing which items to repair and which features to highlight
  • Coordinating high-quality photography to showcase your home
  • Understanding how to fully market your home through a variety of channels, including the agent-only MLS listing which also gets sent to dozens of websites
  • Preparing compelling marketing collateral to expose your home to potential buyers beyond the internet
  • Marketing and holding open houses and agent caravans to draw buyers in to tour your home 
  • Handling and processing all offers, completing all negotiations and managing all paperwork (and believe me, there are lots of negotiations and lots of paperwork)


In order for me to put your house on the market, you need to give me permission. Once you've signed a listing agreement, I can begin work on prepping and marketing your home for sale at a price we agree on. When discussing price, a variety of factors come into play. How much do you owe on your current home? How much do you need to get, or want to get for your home? What do current market conditions look like? Everyone's situation is different, so we'll talk about your specific needs during our listing consultation. 


During the listing consultation, we'll also walk in and around your house and talk about prep work to give the best first impressions to sell your home. From a simple pot of colorful flowers on the porch to fixing loose tiles in the kitchen, quick fixes can help boost curb appeal and helps buyers focus on their new life in your home.


Your home will be shown in the best light with bright, high-resolution photographs, so before our professional photographer comes to take images of the interior and exterior of your home, we'll discuss methods of organizing and decluttering to make your space look the best it can be. By cleaning off kitchen counters, dressers, nightstands, desks and dining tables, you're not only removing clutter from the image, you're helping to depersonalize the home to help a potential buyer better see themselves living there.

If you have a lot of things that can't easily be moved around the house, or are too large to be placed in a crawlspace or attic, consider getting a storage unit for a month or two. This will help to take bulkier items out of the home and allow each room to look as large as possible. And although it probably won't show up in the photos, think about hiring a cleaning crew. I always thought my house was clean until I had a professional clean it once, and I was embarrassed...no...MORTIFIED at how dirty my kitchen tile had become. The grout basically went from a terra-cotta brown color to gleaming white - making the kitchen look bigger, brighter and certainly a lot cleaner.


I was the first person in my house just hours after it hit the market - and I told my agent I wanted to put in an offer before I even walked out the door. The house was tidy, windows were clean, kitchen was spotless, and everything was in its place - from the neatly folded towels in the bathroom to the precisely stacked books on the coffee table. If that house hadn't been completely show ready, I don't know that I would have been able to see its potential and I might have walked away. After we take the photos and your home is clean and tidy, we'll put the lockbox on the door and list it within hours of getting the photographs back. Always leave your home with the expectation that potential buyers can walk into your home that same day. It's a little inconvenient to always tidy up after yourself in your own home, but just think of the payoff!